What Foods to Eat

to Conceive a Boy

Becoming a parent is the most amazing thing that can happen to anyone. Everyone has their preferences on whether they want a boy or a girl. However, it was previously thought that you cannot choose the kind of gender you want, it just comes naturally. Let us tell you here, that you can actually choose what gender the baby is going to be. Read on to know how to conceive a boy.

Foods to Eat

1. Cereals for breakfast.

Cereals have proven to be a rich source of vitamins and minerals for women hence reducing the calories consumed by women significantly. In a nutritional angle creation of male sperm cell increases chances of conceiving a baby bo.

2. Glucose.

Higher levels of glucose triggers the conception of a boy. This kind of a diet rich in calories favors conception of a baby boy.

3. Bananas.

Potassium is the most important mineral out of the ones the fruit has and it triggers production of male sperm cell.as.

Sexual Positions

There are many debates on HOW TO CONCEIVE A BOY NATURALLY. The best bet can be put on how you actually have sex.

Dr. Landrum Shettles describes that the best way to have a baby boy is to have sex in POSITIONS that provide deep penetration. The reason behind this is to provide the faster Y chromosome (the male gender) the best chance in reaching the egg.

This is because according to Shettles, the Y chromosome is not as resilient as the X chromosome (the female gender).

Timing of Having Sex

Another trick that Dr. Shettles offers on how to get pregnant with a boyis in the timing of having sex.

He argues that one of the best way possible to conceive a baby boy is through having sex as close to ovulation as possible. Using an ovulation kit will help here as this will let you know when you are going to ovulate.

Having sex 12 hours to 24 hours before ovulation is considered as the best chance to conceive a baby boy.

It also helps a great deal if the woman has an orgasm. This pushes the sperm even further up the cervix.


Another school of thought that seems to work with most women is to have intercourse after your period.

The theory is that the best time to conceive a boy after periods is 7 days.

This is because women will begin the process of ovulation and within 7 days, the chemicals in the body and the uterus will help to push the sperm even further.

Your Diet

Another debate is on what foods to eat to conceive a boy? To conceive a baby boy you would have to have a diet that is more a kin to males rather than females.

Cereals are a staple food among men, these contain fiber, items such as bananas and potassium related ingredients, citrus fruits, and other sour fruits which are high in Vatamin C will get you on track if you want to have a baby boy.

Following the Chinese calendar

People think that following the Chinese Calender method to conceive a baby boy is a difficult method.

But in reality, it is quite easy.

You can get a Chinese calendar from anywhere online and just follow these steps. Look at the column at the dates which contains your birth date.

From here, look at the corresponding column on the opposite side to see what days and months are feasible for the boy.

The dates marked with the “boy” related words are the ones you should follow. 

Making a baby of your desired gender seemed like a myth in the past. But science has evolved and developed enough to let us know what we can do to determine the  gender of our little one coming into this world.

These methods are sure to help you out.