A lot of couples nowadays would like to choose the gender of their kid. This is seen as an advantage since there are several things you can do to influence the sex of your baby successfully. Many couples want to learn how to conceive a boy by using sexual intercourse positions and I plan to show you here.

How To Conceive A Boy 

The sperm determines the sex of your future child. The sperm for getting pregnant with a boy child (Y chromosome) is faster but weaker than the sperm for getting pregnant with a girl (X chromosome), which is stronger, slower and can live for an extended period.

There are two types of sperms, i.e., the Y and X Chromosomes. In the case that an X chromosome reaches the egg first, a baby girl will be born, and in case a Y chromosome is the first to reach the egg, the baby to be born will be a boy.


How To Get Pregnant With A Boy Positions

Currently, research indicates that the Y chromosomes are slightly lighter and therefore faster swimmers than the X chromosomes. This means that the boy producing sperms swim faster than their girl counterparts, except that they cannot survive in acidic environments for as long as the girl sperms can.

To give the boy producing sperm the best possible chance of reaching the egg first, it is required that you try to get them as close as possible to make sure that they can get there quickly and not be affected by the acidic environment.

To achieve this, always prefer to use sex positions that allow deep penetration to deposit the sperms nearer to the egg.

As a result to help to have a baby boy you need to use sexual positions which promote a deeper penetration and thus assist the sperm to fertilize the egg faster. Below is a list of some of these positions to aid you to get pregnant with a boy:

You also need to reduce the acidity in and around the vagina by taking a low acid diet and even by douching. You can check your PH with individual strips to monitor your progress.

Doggie style position

Intercourse from behind is intense and can help the quicker sperm to get faster.

Depending on the angle, the penetration can be even deeper, take this into account.

Missionary position where the woman raises her legs.

This sex position can help a lot for a more in-depth penetration; try to do it on the side of a sofa or bed.

You can also use a pillow for better comfort.

Even while using the missionary position try it with the woman bringing her legs up onto her partner's shoulders to achieve deeper penetration. 


This sex position can offer you pleasant deep penetration that can help a lot for your male sperm to fertilize the female egg.

Avoid positions that are against gravity

Avoid any position where the sperm has to make an extra effort, like standing up or the woman on top position.

The sperm can travel faster when gravity assists its flow.

What Foods To Eat To Conceive A Boy

One of the usual dietary supplements used to conceive a baby boy is Evening Primrose Oil.

It is given to women as it enhances their cervical mucus secretion output, which is attributed to helping in the conception of boys. Also, Potassium supplements are used to serve the same purpose.

There are specific foods that you can eat to conceive a boy.

Best Time To Conceive A Baby Boy After Periods

Have sexual intercourse when you are near to ovulation. This means you should have sexual intercourse no more than twenty-four hours before and no more than twelve hours past. 

Conceiving A Boy Using The Chinese Calendar

The Chinese conception chart is an incredible tool to aid you in determining if you will have a boy or not. This method is bruited to know the baby's gender by using the mother's age and the baby's month of conception. Ensure you make use of lunar calendar dates to get the right results.

Using these sexual positions will increase your chances of getting pregnant with a boy.

To improve your odds of conceiving a boy naturallyeven further some additional factors can help; for example, the time you have sexual intercourse and what is your diet.

How to Get Pregnant With

a Boy Positions