Some people believe it is not possible to control or predict a baby's gender; this is the reason why many couples leave it to nature to decide on their child's gender.

Although it is impossible for women to determine the gender of her baby, there are specific techniques that one can use to create a conducive environment that will favor the conception of a child with preferred sex.

A lot of couples try to conceive a particular gender of a child. Though most of these attempts come true, there are several
ways to get pregnant with a boy. In this article, we present the best methods to conceive a boy in a natural way.

How to Conceive a Boy Naturally

Fertility specialists regularly suggest a basal body thermometer as a good way to tell when you are ready to conceive which is great when
you want to have a boy  or a girl.

This device has a chart that helps you to become familiar with your cycle.

All you require is a graph chart which assists you to check your temperature every morning whenever you wake up before doing any household task.

When you have a cycle, the body temperature raises precipitously showing ovulation.

Counting the days allows you to know when to have intercourse.

Presence of spermatozoa before the egg comes down is great so that you can't wait until you see the rise in temperature.

You should have sexual intercourse when you are near to ovulation which means you should have sexual intercourse less than twenty-four hours before your ovulation and no more than twelve hours after ovulation.

When you engage in sexual intercourse, you can aid the fast-growing Y chromosomes to get nearer to the cervix uteri and improve the opportunity of having a baby boy.


There are
  foods you can eat to help you conceive a boy. One of the usual dietary supplements to use to get pregnant with a boy naturally is Evening Primrose Oil.

It is given to women because it enhances their cervical mucus secretion production, which is frequently bruited to help for the conception of boys.

Also, Potassium supplements are believed to help women to conceive a male child.

Chinese conception chart

The Chinese conception chart is a fantastic tool to aid you in determining if you will
conceive a baby boy or not. This method is bruited to know the baby's gender by using the baby's month of conception and the mother's age.

Make sure to use lunar calendar dates to get the correct outcome. It is an excellent way to conceive a boy naturally.

This method is contrary to a previous approach; however, it may work for you. Engage in sexual intercourse with your partner as far away from ovulation as possible.

This procedure involves the timing of intercourse frequently depending on the exact method and personality; therefore the outcomes will vary widely.


Finally, the most expensive option is to make use of a specialized fertility clinic in your region. There are clinics around the country that have reasonably good odds at producing a fertilized egg for the gender of your preference.

To some people, it may look wrong, but at the moment it is the best way to conceive a child of your preferred gender.

How to Conceive

a Boy Naturally