Conceiving A Child Using

The Chinese Calendar

The ancient Chinese people were highly motivated to find ways to influence the sex of their children, because male babies were considered important that female babies.


1. On
the Chinese lunar calendar are marked different months of the year that correspond to male and female children.

On the left hand column are numbers corresponding to a woman's child-bearing years.

Chinese count their age differently than the rest of the world. A Chinese baby's date of birth is considered their first birthday, so technically all newborns are considered to be 1 year old from the moment they are born.

3. To determine your Chinese age, find out wether your birthday falls befire or after the seventh day of the lunar year, In the Gregorian calendar, the dates of the Chinese new year falls between January 21 and February 20.

If your birthday is after the seventh day of the lunar New year, then your Chinese age is just one year more than your actual age. If you are born within the first week of the Chinese new year, then your Chinese lunar age is two years more than your actual age.

4. To increase the opportunities of conceiving a baby boy or girl, find your age in the column and pick out the entire row corresponding to that number.
For example, If you were born on January 21, 1990, then in 2018, your Chinese age would be 30 (28+2). 

According to the chart, you are likely to have a baby boy if you get pregnant during the months of January, March, and July through to October.


1. Having sex close to your ovulation.

It is assumed that the Male sperm cell is more quick but weak, than the Female cell. Having sex just before ovulation increases the chances of you getting pregnant for a baby boy.

Having sex way before ovulation will increase chances of getting a baby girl. This is because the female cell live longer thus there will be more female sperm than male sperm cells still around the uterus ready to fetilize the egg.

Therefore sex a week bofore ovulation is not recommended rather its recommended that you have sexual inntercourse in the last 12 hours before ovulation.
2. Create the right vaginal PH that favors a baby boy conception.

In general, sperm cells do thrive more in alkaline PH than in acidic PH. Therefore a low vaginal PH will killl the male sperm cell first and leave the other sperm cell thriving.

Research has it that, when you have an orgasm,vaginal mucus inside your makes the vagina to become more alkaline and creates favorable condition for a male sperm. Ideally, a woman should first reach her climax and then the male partner.

3. Male partner should drink coffee.

It is recommmended that male partner should keep his testiclescool by drinking coffee. By doing so it creates higher chances of getting a boy. 

And still research says that having coffee 20 to 40 minutes before sexual intercourse could give both partners the extra boost, and the male sperm cell would be most favored than the female.


There are certain
things you can eat that will help you to conceive a boy.

1. Cereals for breakfast.

Cereals have proven to be a rich source of vitamins and minerals for women hence reducing the calories consumed by women significantly. In a nutritional angle creation of male sperm cell increases chances of conceiving a baby bo.

2. Glucose.

Higher levels of glucos triggers the conception of a boy. This kind of a diet rich in calories favors conception of a baby boy.

3. Bananas.

Potassium is the most important mineral out of the ones the fruit has and it triggers production of male sperm

Sexual Positions.

There are specific sex positions you can try to help have a boy.

1. Doggy style.
This is the most popular position to those intending to conceive a baby boy. This position is called doing from the back as the female should be be on her knees and the male should penetrate from behind.

2. Try it standing.
This method holds similar benefits as doggy style. In this position the male sperm cell has a stronger advantage over the female cell as they have to move upwards. As the gravity does its work pulling them down the male sperm takes advantage of its nature and gets to the egg much easier.

3. Use the best position that get you an orgasm.

When you do it in the your favorite position, you will definitely have an quick orgasm and that makes the vaginal environment more of alkaline in nature. This strongly benefits the male cell.


Know how to use the timing of periods for conceiving a boy.

For an average woman of a 28 day menstrual cycle, all you have to do is remember is that, the first day of your menses is counted as day 1. The ovulation would occur by the 14th day counting from the very first day of of last menses.

It is the post-ovulatory days that are more or less constant in a typical menstrual cycle. Thus, after ovulation, a woman typically will have 14 days before she has her next menstral bleeding.

These are all natural ways for conceiving a boy.