There are things you need to know and learn how to determine period effectively.

During ovulation, the ova leaves the ovary of which it can be fertilized within one day. For this pregnancy to occur, you need to be a little mathematical. Get the difference of the luteal phase from the period of the menstrual cycle.

This means that it’s the half of the cycle. Many couples dream to have baby boys especially after giving birth to girls consecutively. Decisions to have a baby often are accompanied by questions.

Perhaps the perfect day to conceive the baby.

This perfect day may seem difficult to estimate or find the day but really not. With the modern era of technology. It helps through the internet and advanced developments. That introduces calculator that gives detailed information that a boy really exists.

To conceive naturally, a lady’s menstrual cycle lasts for twenty-eight days.

For you to conceive a boy.

The calculation of your ovulation might convince you that conception can happen within fourteen days.

The female body produces the estrogen hormone few days to the time of ovulation.

A measurable amount of the luteinizing hormone is released once the estrogen reaches the ovulation level.

Two days after the luteinizing hormone is released. This makes the perfect time for a woman to conceive a boy.

Specialized home tests help in demonstrating the level of concentration of the Luteinizing hormone.

The test kits are bought at any pharmacy. For better results, it’s good to do your tests twice a day in the middle of a cycle. Women determine their ovulation through body signals.

At times it causes discomfort and rather pains that day. In due course of this signs. A woman takes an ovulation calculator it willhelp conceive a baby boy.

Though there are some problems of cycle regularity.

A gynecologist should be consulted. He/she will easily advise.

One knows the day of ovulation

Calculations for the conception of a boy is reliable.

The sperm is to be more rapid to conceive a boy than that conceives the girl.

The sperm has a short lifespan. Due to this then conception should take place on the day of ovulation. Approximately twelve hours before its occurrence. Also, you have to know when likely the ovulation will occur. To find this accuracy one uses the Ovulation Calculator.

Results of the calculation programs are not 100% accurate. Changes shift due to either infections or even stress. If it’s to be accurate. The body temperature measured in the rectum daily

During sexual intercourse

Have sex in the correct position. Penetration depth is a key factor the deeper it is the more likely.

A woman should have the orgasm this increases chances. The lifespan of a sperm increases.

This is due to the increase of the pH at the vagina.

Shower avoided for a while after sex

Foods to Eat

There are
foods you can eat to help you conceive a boy rather than a girl. Increase in the amount of that contains protein.

Foods likely to eat are meat eggs, fish, and beans. For the betterment, one should reduce the intake for the conception of a girl.

Almond rich in vitamin C and E they favor fertilization of ovules. They create a good nourishing environment.

The Chinese Birth Chart

Asians stories behind this say that the calendar was found in a royal tomb.

This calendar doesn’t have any scientific evidence. The chart depends on lunar age and the moon. This calendar recommends specific days in each month the year.

I hope I've shown that you can learn how to conceive a boy using purely natural means. 

Best Time to Conceive a

Baby Boy After Periods