How to Have a Baby Boy

How To Conceive A Boy

"Conceiving A Male Child Made Easy"

Do you have expectations of being pregnant with a boy child? Conceiving a boy child has been proven to be very possible and there are so many easy ways that have been proven that answers the question of
how to conceive a boy.

Natural methods of conceiving a boy child is mostly based on scientific evidence and the most common ones which mostly used is the Shettle's method which was discovered in the seventies.

Dr. Shettles provided the best method on how to conceive a boy naturally and this has been found to be very effective though not 100% accurate.

Scientists have observed that male sperms are weaker and faster. Thus,to conceive a male child one should adhere to the following:

Best Timing Of Ovulation : Be Accurate.

To increase the chances of the male egg fertilizing the female egg, intercourse should be rightly timed during ovulation.

This can be done by ensuring you clearly understand your fertility chart and ovulation period. Once you know your ovulation period, you should engage in intercourse within 12-24 hours before ovulation.

Intercourse that is done close to ovulation improves the chances of being pregnant with a male child because male sperm often swims faster than female sperm thus may male sperm will be ready to fertilize the female sperm once released from the ovary.

Diet For Conceiving Male Child.

You should change your diet and ensure you
know what food to eat to conceive a boy.

Consume diets that can help your body to be more alkaline. You have to avoid dairy products as they make the cervical mucus sticky and unfriendly to the sperm.

Drink juices that are freshly squeezed and home made and eat variety of fresh vegetables and food containing high potassium contents while ensuring you eat food that make your body alkaline.

Maintaining Alkaline pH To Conceive A Boy.

The vaginal pH should be alkaline to accommodate male sperm as they don't strive in acidic environment.

You can monitor the the alkalinity of your vagina by purchasing pH strips and incase the vagina becomes acidic, eat alkaline food or clean your vagina with baking soda soaked in lukewarm water (douching) if too acidic.

Sex Position To Conceive Boy Child

There is a special position to conceive a boy child during intercourse.

The best position is one which enables deep penetration like missionary as it ensures sperm is deposited closer to the cervix thus reducing distance of reaching to the female sperm to fertilize it.

Conceiving A Child Using The Chinese Calendar.

The Chinese lunar calendar is easy to follow and it clearly shows how to conceive a boy by timing your intercourse. 

You can take the calendar for the year you want to conceive i.e 2018 and locate the row (horizontal row) matching your date of birth.

Thereafter, check the blue cells on the rows "B" which means boy and follow its column up then read the time period displayed in the head of the column.

These thus are the best months for you to conceive a boy child.

How to Get Knocked Up

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